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Because we know just how much is involved in a successful office relocation, we don’t leave anything to chance. Which is why we’ve developed our unique COR (Complete Office Relocation) analysis.

We make sure that we fully understand our client’s requirements. Our experience of planning workspaces and corporate operations means that we will create a dynamic, flexible and efficient workspace. Furthermore we can take control of as much or as little of the process as suits you.

We can help you source new office premises, negotiate leases, and produce a company space audit to ensure that you are investing in the space your company needs to work efficiently.

From locating and negotiating suitable premises if required to final finishings and fittings, we offer the complete service for refurbishment and relocation. Our team of specialists can advise on any part of the project or totally manage the whole process. Our project managers, designers, surveyors and construction experts work with a team of experienced, tried and tested suppliers making the least disruption to your business.

Workplace consultancy
Relocation is the ideal opportunity to incorporate change and improvement to your business. We will advise you on the optimum arrangement and application of your resources.

Our unique approach to workplace design and practice will deliver sustainable improvement in business performance.

Space audit
We carry out a space audit of your company to ascertain your business requirements, now and in the future. We will discuss with you whether your move is to expand, downsize or consolidate your business.

We also understand how essential it is that certain business activities and amenities are adjacent for the efficient running of your business. Our proposals will be based on your business structure and will be fully compliant with all necessary workspace legislation.

Staff study
It’s important to realise the impact of moving premises on your existing staff and potential new staff. We carry out a demographic study of the proposed new area taking into account transport links and local facilities that may affect the efficient running of your business.

Accommodation strategies
Through our space auditing expertise, we can advise on the viability of combining multiple sites into a central hub or consolidation into fewer sites.

New premises appraisal
With office space at a premium, it’s essential that this move is right for you. We work with an experienced team of property specialists. We will help you through the whole process from finding suitable premises, to surveys and negotiating the final deal.

We will carry out a building appraisal and will make recommendations in connection with the overall cost of occupation including the building and services condition. This will include a preliminary layout, budget and programme for any short-listed building.

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